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Magnetic Detents
Laser Eyes
Q: Why does my Kila VIBE board vibrate and give an audible after each shot?

A: H-delay is not set properly. On Alias/Timmy VIBE, use button 1 to see load time. Adjust Hopper delay so it is about 20ms above load time. On Marq and other gun versions without LCD screen, raise H-delay until warning stops.

Q: I heard that putting peanut butter on my 4C eye system improves the performance and eye logic. Is this true?

A: Peanut butter may be delicious on a sandwich, especially when used on white bread with lots of butter, however unfortunately does not improve the performance of your Kila 4C eye setup.

Q: What are Kila recommended settings for Alias Vibe Board?

A: Ultimate performance settings coming soon!

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