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Kila Pop-Lock™ Speed Posts 

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Kila Instinct Magnetic Ball Detents - Etek 3/4 

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Kila Instinct

Kila Instinct™ Magnetic Detent Systems

The patent pending lineup of Kila Instinct™ magnetic ball detent systems enhance marker performance, consistency and feeding reliability through the use of magnetic repulsion technology. 

Kila Instinct™ detents have no springs to rust, bind with dirt and grease or corrode over time.  They also contain no high friction rubber nubbins that can tear off, turn brittle and fail over time causing double feeds and ball breaks.  An extremely durable, low co-efficient of friction propriety blend of self-lubricating polymer material is used in all Kila Instinct™ ball detent systems.  When properly installed, this provides smooth, low friction action as the paintball and bolt pass through the breech.   

The magnetic force properties of Kila Instinct™ detents vary greatly in comparison to spring or rubber nub type systems.  This provides users of Kila Instinct™ magnetic ball detent systems advantages on the playing field such as improved accuracy through increased shot to shot consistency, reliable in breech ball feed handling and the ability to shoot even the most fragile paint. As the ball passes the magnetic detent system, the self lubricating, low friction detent pistons build exponential force throughout the stroke providing the fastest return speeds.  Magnetic repulsion forces are readily adjustable on most gun versions, allowing you to fine tune your Kila Instinct™ magnetic detent system to the output force of the marker hopper system.
Kila Pop-Locks

Kila Pop-Lock™ Speed Posts

Kila Products patent pending Pop-Lock™ tool-less entry speed posts provide easy access to grip frame internals for regular maintenance procedures including instant access for battery change- outs, trigger swaps, board adjustments, ASA adapter screw access, general cleaning and more. Kila Pop-Lock™ speed posts install by hand without the use of tools.

The self-locking thread design allows for post height and grip firmness adjustments. Non-recessed, smooth radius top posts have no pockets for dirt and grime to collect, slots to strip out and keep your setup looking hot. Pop-Locks ™ provide a truly unique customized look to all gun setups.

Simply pull up on the grip panels to remove or push down to pop firmly in place. Kila Pop-Lock™ grip speed posts are made in proprietary formulated high strength, semi-flexible composite material and color anodized aluminum. Kits include speed-posts for all grip screw locations of each specific gun version. Both composite and aluminum kits are available in a wide variety of colors and available for all gun models.

Dirty Bolt

Kila Dirty Bolt™

Patented series of aftermarket bolt systems enhance marker performance with an integrated inner thrust core that offers a dispersed operational sound signature. A soft inner core-tip cushion eliminates bolt-face-edge-to-paintball contact with no ball roll back.

Inner core length is engineered to keep the ball stack centered between the soft cushion on the core and the ball-detents. This design feature assists to minimize cracking of the 2nd ball in the feed stack during the shooting sequence and reduces chances of barrel and breech breaks.

Kila Dirty Bolt™ Series come standard with a color anodized aluminum magnetic ram locking pin and jewel.

Other advanced design features include spooned air-scoop inlet on the inner core, designed to maximize flow rate around the 90° bend as airflow travels from the pop-it valve out the face of the bolt. The spooned air-scoop inlet size and pitch is timed for reducing recoil and optimizing shot to shot consistency over the chrono.
Kila IT

Kila IT™ Interchangeable Trigger Systems

The patent pending Kila IT™ Trigger system provide the versatility of being able to quickly swap out trigger styles and/or remove for cleaning after a long days worth of play. 

Kila IT™ trigger systems include a back base unit and 2 trigger faces consisting of a smooth, comfortable front curved double-trigger style and tight old-school Kila Marksman™ single trigger style.  The Marksman™ single trigger is great for those using ramping modes as it provides the ability to put your index finger inside the grip frame while shooting, running or moving around offering a solid and more comfortable hold on the gun.  Get tired of using one version and you can swap out in 1 second. 

Triggers are held in place using side locking tabs, top lock tab and 4 super high strength magnets.  Kits are available in lightweight Delrin and Aluminum in a wide variety of colors and finish options.
Kila Electronics

Kila Electronic Boards and Eyes

The patented VIBE™ and DRIVE™ series marker control boards provide low cost, high quality electronic drive systems loaded with features and options. 

Dollar for dollar, the DRIVE™ and VIBE™ provide an economical sanctuary for those looking for a large range of adjustments and features including:
  • In-grip reload vibration warning and notification system
  • Custom breakout modes
  • Adjustable ramp activation points
  • Shot sequence registration technology
  • Fully adjustable uncapped ROF adjustments
  • Hopper delay adjustments
  • 4C™ Eye system compatible
  • Current PSP, Millennium, NXL and other tourney series settings
  • Audible indicators and other necessary adjustments including 16 firing modes, debounce, bolt dwell, eye, bolt delay, ROF, Ramp Activation Point, failed eye ROF, Hopper delay, and vibe or audible settings.
The patented 4C™ system enhancing eye systems enables markers to achieve their maximum potential rate of fire utilizing predictive breach sensing technology allowing the gun to understand how fast balls are loading in from the hopper.  This provides great consistency and reliability and can resolve some feeding issues when properly setup.  4C™ systems are available in both invisible and deep red laser systems for in breech effects.
Kila Ice Cream

Kila Ice Cream™ Gun Lube

Proprietary formulated and performance engineered blend of the highest quality lubricants offers outstanding friction reduction properties, sealing and longevity.  Requires fewer applications needed to maintain top-level performance of your marker. 

The smooth, creamy consistency of Kila ICE-CREAM™ was created as an all-purpose, all weather formulation to be used on all types and styles of bolts, o-rings, regulators and valve systems year round, regardless of where you live and play ball.


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