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Kila Instinct Magnetic Ball Detents - Etek 3/4

Kila Instinct™ patented magnetic ball detent technology replaces the stock detents and eye plate covers. Kit includes two Kila Instinct™ anodized aluminum detent/eye covers (Left and right side) and two Kila Ultra-Life™ magnetic ball-detent pistons. Ultra-Life™ magnetic ball-detent pistons feature a proprietary blend of self lubricating polymers providing ultra low friction for extreme durability and wear resistance. Kila Instinct™ detents are blow-out proof and gentle on even the most fragile paint. Features include lightning-fast return speeds for optimized ball-in-breech control, reduced barrel breaks and overall increased marker consistency and performance. Select model, color, finish and jewel sticker from drop down list. Black sticker with red logo is default color. Made in USA. $44.95
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